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No Trust is an island: collaboration is central to the delivery healthcare innovation

Throughout the pandemic some of the most innovative and successful digital health solutions were only made possible because trusts recognised that they had to combine resources, ideas, and expertise to deliver them.

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Co-funding collaboratives will drive the NHS digital transformation


Hazel Jones, Head of Health at Made Tech, reveals why NHS trusts need to work together to fund the development of new solutions that will drive improvements in care.

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Twelve suppliers appointed to £800m digital capability for health framework

The framework aims to support public health and other care organisations improve their digital capability as well as provide digital outcomes and services.

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Collaboration is key to digitally empowering patients

With patients welcoming technology into the way they interact with healthcare, this provides the perfect opportunity for hospitals and trusts to expand their technological capabilities.

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Whitehall gains deep insight into COVID’s impact on social care through upgraded portal

England’s Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set has been rewritten to offer a better user experience for both frontline workers and employers.

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