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Why healthcare must embrace patient-centric data

Effective patient-centric data gives the patient the best possible outcome in a healthcare setting. Hazel Jones, Head of Health at Made Tech, in The Journal of mHealth.

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How the public sector can lead by example to tackle climate change


If the government wants the UK to be a world leader in reducing carbon emissions and achieving net zero, it must lead by example.

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Data is a solution to worker shortages

In the midst of worker shortages and limited financial capabilities, local government bodies need to develop and implement innovative solutions that can help make sure services are still able to function, even in challenging environments.

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How local governments can harness the power of their data

Glen Ocskó, Head of Local Government at Made Tech, explores how councils need to unleash the power of their data to realise the potential it has to revolutionise the way our towns and cities are run.

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Without data literacy government cannot be data-driven


Jim Stamp, Head of Data at Made Tech, argues that the government must improve data literacy if it’s to have any chance to meet its own data-driven aims.

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Let’s make Wales the home of digital public sector excellence

The public sector’s difficulty in harnessing its data has a direct impact on Wales and its citizens, but it also provides a huge opportunity for the country, both in terms of creating jobs and bringing in investment.

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How we can make the South West a hub of public sector technology excellence

The South West has huge potential to be a leader in public technology and data. Through collaboration with the private sector and providing education and training, we can help foster a thriving, tech-focused public sector in the region.

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