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Mapping your organisation and applications in legacy transformation

Mapping your organisation and applications is crucial because it enables you to decide which application to prioritise and which transformation strategy to adopt.

Legacy transformation is a team sport

Legacy transformation is a team sport because it’s hard, expensive and can take a long time, so you need to have everyone ready to push in the same direction from the start.

The World Beyond the Academy 🚀

Several engineers, including myself, joined Made Tech via the Academy. It’s a 12-week programme that the company offers to teach passionate learners the best software engineering practices in the industry.

Delivery doesn’t finish in production

Our delivery teams at Made Tech fully embrace the devops culture and mindset, which means that we take on many more responsibilities across the software development lifecycle than just writing code.

How financing affects legacy application transformation

Cost is one of the most important drivers of legacy transformation and is usually the catalyst for a much wider discussion about how to finance such projects.

Connecting loved ones: building the NHS Book a virtual visit service in 48 hours

The simple digital service enables ward staff to book in calls which we hope will reduce the burden on staff having to do this manually and reduce the number of calls to wards from loved ones. From the loved ones perspective they receive an SMS stating when their virtual visit is booked for and receive a unique link to join the call when the ward is ready.

Which factors drive legacy transformation in public sector organisations?

The risks of neglecting legacy transformation include everything from reputational damage to loss of life. However, trying to predict exactly what will happen to a particular public sector organisation if it ignores these risks is extremely difficult.

The pitfalls of neglecting legacy application transformation

Legacy technology is a huge threat to the public sector. While this won’t be the first time you’ve read this, it remains relevant because not enough action is being taken to prevent disaster.

A day in the remote life of a software engineer

More people are now being forced into a remote working lifestyle that they may be unprepared for. I’ve been a mostly remote worker for around two years and wanted to share some of my routine in the hope that some may find it helpful.

Learning to Learn: Introducing the Four Stages of Learning

Few skills have the power to hold such sway over the course of our lives as learning, but for such a vital skill, the steps we go through on the learning journey are not always greatly understood.