Housing repairs SaaS product

We’ve built an innovative and affordable new SaaS product to make it easy for people to report housing repair needs. Let’s fix housing repairs for good.

How our product can help

  • Put end users first
    Our product puts users front and centre. We’ve done away with complex language and unnecessary logins to deliver a product that’s quick and easy for your end users.
  • Make better decisions with data
    We’re reinventing housing repairs with a modern SaaS product with data at its centre to help you make better-informed, proactive decisions.
  • Implement and integrate easily
    Our product is quick and easy to implement, but our experts are on hand with any help you need. It integrates with your other tools so you can get started, no matter what.
  • One clear, affordable cost
    One flat affordable fee covers everything. No complicated calculators, no hidden charges and no special prices.
  • Upgrade automatically
    We don’t ship different versions to different customers. This is true software as a service, so everyone gets updates and upgrades right away.

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Learn more about our housing repairs product in this short video.

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  • explore the ways it connects to tools you might already have in place

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