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Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
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We believe we can use tech to make public services better. We also believe this can happen best when our own team represents the society that actually uses the services we work on. We’re collectively continuing to grow a culture that is happy, healthy, safe and inspiring for people of all backgrounds and experiences, so we encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply for roles with us.

Lead Delivery Manager

Location: London / Manchester / Bristol / Swansea


  • UK: £63,000 - £90,000
  • London & South East: £66,150 - £ 94,500

Successfully leading complex digital projects to make sure that our clients have great experiences and achieve brilliant outcomes, and our teams deliver to their full potential.

Your role at Made Tech

Lead Delivery Managers are accountable for successful project delivery in a complex environment. This might mean a small, but complex delivery involving a lot of consultancy such as a policy focused discovery, a larger delivery programme with several delivery teams, or multiple small, less complex engagements.

You will work as part of a cross-functional delivery team, which might include client stakeholders and partner agencies. You will personify servant leadership, promoting a collaborative approach to ensure projects deliver the desired outcomes for users and customers, working together to identify and manage risks and issues that arise. Depending on the size of the account you are working on, you may be the most senior line of project escalation - or you may work closely with a delivery principal as part of a wider programme.

While you are an expert in agile delivery, you are also pragmatic and understand that other delivery approaches may be more appropriate for a specific situation when working in consultancy and the public sector. Therefore, you will define the delivery approach and team shape collectively with the team and client stakeholders. You will inspire trust with senior stakeholders, and guide and coach clients throughout the delivery process, using your influence to continuously iterate and approve team processes. You will be able to support product managers with defining and delivering against a roadmap, in order to monitor whether the project is on track and facilitate conversations about backlog priority, scope, and budget.

As a delivery leader, you will contribute to Made Tech beyond the scope of your delivery. This will include participating in and contributing to the Delivery Community of Practice (COP), managing the performance and development of a number of delivery managers and supporting recruitment activities. You should also start to contribute to growing Made Tech’s impact, for example through maintaining and growing your professional network, contributing to thought leadership, content and events, identifying sales opportunities within the account you are working on, or taking part in the sales bid process.


Definition of success

Success as a Lead Delivery Manager is predominantly measured by delivering successful outcomes for our clients. It’s also assessed through contribution to Made Tech, and effective line management and coaching relationships.

Expected outcomes

  • Effective quality and risk management
  • Accountable for ensuring accurate and timely adherence to all critical business processes within the delivery
  • Balance client satisfaction and team happiness with Made Tech’s commercial goals
  • Contribute to growing Made Tech’s impact
  • Contribute to the Delivery Community of Practice
  • Accelerate the career of other Delivery Managers through line management, coaching and mentoring, and knowledge sharing


  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Project Gross Profit Margin (GPM)
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Invoice accuracy

Lead Delivery Managers are responsible for delivering the above outcomes by collaborating with other members of the Delivery Management Organisation, their Account Management Team, team members, client stakeholders and internal business partners e.g. scheduling, hiring.

Project Level Delivery Assurance

  • Accountable for ensuring delivery success, including scope, budget and quality
  • Report to Heads of Delivery on a weekly basis the status of quality and risk
  • Manage team resourcing to balance successful client delivery, team happiness and Made Tech commercial objectives
  • Ensure compliance and accuracy of all critical business processes (time sheeting, invoicing, forecasting, delivery assurance reporting)
  • Ensure commercial activities (Statements of Work, purchase order numbers, supplier contracts for partners, IR35 assessments for contractors, raising staffing demands)

Hiring and Careers

  • Support hiring activities including interviewing and outreach
  • Management of Senior Delivery Managers including performance, progression and satisfaction
  • Ensure regular feedback (constructive and/or appreciative) is shared with all individuals working on projects you are accountable for

Growing Made Tech’s Impact

  • Support bids, using your knowledge and experience to review and contribute to bids
  • Ensure your clients are motivated to bring repeat business and recommend our services to others
  • Identify opportunities for Made Tech to deliver value for the client beyond the current project
  • Build relationships with stakeholders within your project, and engage with other experts in the organisation for example at the client Community of Practice
  • Promote Made Tech and develop your personal reputation in the industry by producing thought leadership content, expanding your personal network and attending events

Community and Thought Leadership

  • Share successes and failures with the Delivery Community to support the evolution of ways of working, techniques, and technologies across Made Tech
  • Contribute to a set of centralised resources and templates for potential reuse
  • Contribute to developing a thriving community of practice and shared identity
Competencies and behaviours

Lead Delivery Managers are expected to be operating at, or working towards, SFIA level 5 in all five competencies. In addition to this, the below list describes specific competencies and behaviours that you’ll need in this role.

We don’t expect you to tick all of these when you join, we will work together to define learning and development objectives that help you meet these competencies on your way to promotion.

Articulation and role modelling of Made Tech values, purpose, and vision

  • Describe each with examples
  • Demonstrate role modelling

Commercial awareness

  • Articulate project commercial fundamentals (Statements of Work, Purchase Orders, Gross Profit Margin, Forecasting, Burndown)
  • Display accountability for managing commercial activities within deliveries
  • Be able to demonstrate that the team is on track to meet the deliverables defined in the SOW
  • Be able to recall and describe key Made Tech case studies, including where you were not directly involved in the project

Time management including balancing multiple priorities

  • Demonstrate prioritisation, and consistent delivery of multiple goals simultaneously

Performance management of direct and indirect reports

  • Demonstrate fast remediation of performance issues, including highlighting issues to the Head of Delivery and requesting support where necessary
  • Demonstrate encouragement and mentoring of high performers, to support them towards successful promotions
  • Maintain compliance with all expectations of line management at Made Tech
  • Demonstrate providing regular feedback for team members

Effectively manage delivery risk and quality

  • Demonstrate planning of and implementation of risk management activities including identification, assessment, mitigation, assessment and reporting to key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate activities to ensure that delivery teams have appropriate practices in place to define and meet required quality levels
  • Articulate approach to managing budget and burndown within the project, being able show how this is being managed

Coach teams to successfully deliver projects

  • Articulate the benefits and use cases of a wide variety of delivery approaches, methods and tools - for example Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Agile, Waterfall, XP and Design Sprints
  • Describe the fundamentals of best practices in other capabilities, including Security, DevOps, User Centred Design and Data Ethics
  • Be able to explain the GDS service standard and how to meet each point, the purpose of each phase of the GDS Service Manual and the Roles and Responsibilities of all of the DDAT roles that make up a Service Team
  • Be able to describe and advocate for the Made Tech propositions
  • Demonstrate advocacy of best practice delivery with teams and clients

Deliver consultancy to clients as part of a formal or informal arrangement

  • Demonstrate experience of designing and running workshops with client stakeholders, including post-workshop feedback

Trust building with your seniors, peers, juniors and client stakeholders

  • Demonstrate with feedback from seniors, peers, juniors and client stakeholders

Continuous improvement and feedback

  • Demonstrate positive response to feedback with course correction


Salary and location

We mainly work remotely but you may need to visit clients or go to the office occasionally. We have offices in London, Bristol, Manchester, and Swansea.