Choosing the right supplier post IR35 reform

With the latest reforms to IR35 having come into effect on April 6th, public sector bodies (PSBs) are facing the mounting challenge of keeping teams filled. This, coupled with the Civil Service-wide recruitment freeze introduced in 2010, is a particular problem for PSBs tasked with delivering digital projects, where software engineering teams were once largely made up of contractors who now have an incentive to look elsewhere for work. The reforms are here to stay, so what options do PSBs have in terms of continuing to deliver good digital products?

Morale, Recognition & Reward

Morale is closely related to job satisfaction. When morale is high, your team is happier, more productive, and more likely to believe in your organisation’s vision. On the flip side, not enough (or any) praise for a job well done, dealing with a difficult clients, or heavy workloads can significantly lessen morale, and sometimes lead to higher employee turnover.

Agile Planning

Both words, “agile” and “planning”, mean different things to different people. In this article I hope to provide an overview of agile planning without going into specific implementations like Scrum or Kanban whilst still providing practical advice for any implementation.

Learning From Mistakes

As software engineers, we’re faced with new problems and challenges every day. No matter how well we know a programming language, how many projects we’ve worked on throughout our careers or how much time we’ve spent creating repeatable solutions to common problems, there will always be something new that requires critical thought.

Creating Environments That Promote Communication

In any organisation, one of the most powerful ways you can empower your team is to give them an environment that allows them to communicate freely at all levels. At Made Tech we actively encourage every member of the team to initiate or join any discussion that interests them, whether it be giving their opinion on how a part of the business runs, or introducing a new way of approaching how we work.

Trusting teams to deploy at any time

Developers should be allowed to deploy at any time. Many find this a scary prospect since it makes traditional release management and QA very hard. We have found that empowering developers to own the responsibility of deployment allows you to ship software much faster whilst maintaining or even improving the safety of releasing changes when compared to more traditional processes.