6 Ways to Embrace Startup Agility in Retail

The retail industry has been squeezed on many fronts over the past decade, from Internet giants flexing their technology muscle (and willingness to not always turn a profit) to disrupt markets to fast-moving start-ups who are unencumbered by big company process, and who are able to attract strong technology talent.

Componentisation and the Single Responsibility Principle

Keeping a good separation of concerns means writing code that only handles as much as it needs to. It’s a concept that should affect every piece of code you write, from class definitions to database tables. Only store the data which is relevant. Only encapsulate the logic which is covered by the responsibility of your class. My colleague wrote about this recently when discussing Inheritance and Composition.

Pros and Cons of Ruby on Rails

Here at Made Tech we’re big fans of Ruby and use Ruby on Rails for most of our web applications. Over the years we’ve had countless conversations about the pros and cons of Ruby.

Rules for Stylesheet Modularity

Keeping applications organised takes a lot of work. Furious bursts of development where deadlines are tight can lead to poorer design decisions. The frontend in particular for me is harder to get right when the pressure is on. I’m writing this post in order to clarify my hard and fast rules for writing modular stylesheets in a rush.

Cross Browser Testing in IE7

We’re getting ever closer to the point where we can finally stop supporting certain legacy browsers; IE6 is officially dead, and the support Microsoft provides for clients running IE7 is extremely limited, but it’s still not particularly uncommon to meet a client that requires support for IE7.

Enhancing Customer Experience With Email Schemas

Delivering a great end to end customer experience doesn’t just stop when your customers complete their checkout process. Every communication you have with them thereafter matters. Anything that can be done to make their continued interactions with your brand better is something worth implementing.