How we accidentally became cloud migrators

When coming up with an explanation of our cloud migration heritage for my talk at Red Hat Forum the phrase “accidental cloud migrators” came to mind. You see we didn’t set out to help organisations move workloads to the cloud but nevertheless we’ve found ourselves helping organisations modernise and migrate. On reflection, I think accidental cloud migrations are the best kind of migration, let me explain why.

Enterprise lacking skills required for cloud migration

For all the excitement and talk of cloud it seems the reality, at least in enterprises, is a little less glamorous. With more and more executives backing the move to the cloud, more and more organisations are booting up large migration programmes. Unfortunately their aging IT departments lack the experience required and organisations are forced to depend on service providers to fill the gap.

Modern APIs are Pushing Innovation in Retail

An increasing number of retailers are exposing core parts of their business through APIs, delivering a more cohesive customer experience across a variety of touchpoints, making it easier to streamline internal operations, and opening opportunities to interface with external channels.

Should Customers Pay for Bugfixes?

Whether or not you agree with the basic premise of this article, I’m sure you’ll be able to agree that any software project of a reasonable size will have bugs. The way these bugs are dealt with can often become an obstacle to forming a healthy relationship with the customer, and can even impede the software development process itself. There’s many ways to approach this issue, and I’m going to start with a common one.

Spree vs Magento

There has been so much written about how Spree stacks up against Magento over the last few years that it’d be easy dismiss another article out of hand.