The Strawman: TDD

There have been a few rumblings recently between the subculture of TDD-lovers and the rest of the programming community, as always. I’ve heard reports that TDD doesn’t work, that it is snake oil, and that there are studies to suggest that TLD and TDD are no better than each other in a scientific study.

Slicing code

The primary goal of slicing software is to make it cheap to ship, and inexpensive to ship additional features.

The Digital Classroom

From keeping in touch with friends, to hailing a cab, and even allowing us to control the temperature of our houses from our phones, Technology has become increasingly pervasive, changing the way we do things and how we interact with one another. Contrary to what some would think, Education was not left out of this revolution. In recent years, an incredible number of digital tools and platforms have seen the light of day which try to improve how people learn, how teachers share their knowledge and allowing pedagogical resource providers to reach an ever increasing number of people. But in Education, things cannot change as rapidly as in other sectors because the cost of doing something wrong has long lasting consequences. Pedagogical practices have been refined over the years and introducing changes requires a lot of thought.

Using Ansible for infrastructure

For the last year or so, the majority of our new projects at Made Tech have used Ansible as our go-to tool for provisioning and configuring our servers with the software that runs on them. We’ve paired Terraform with Ansible and Chef previously for creating our cloud resources, but have recently been experimenting with using Ansible to see if the one tool was capable of both of these stages in our infrastructure setups. We’ve not been disappointed with our experiences so far.

The importance of software support and maintenance for all organisations

It’s rare to encounter an organisation where software isn’t an important aspect of their day-to-day operation. Whether it’s a small business with a simple website, an international retailer with an e-commerce store and a Warehouse Management System, or a charity organisation collecting, storing and reporting environmental data, at some point, each of those organisations will need to engage on some level with a piece of software in order to ensure its smooth operation.

Recruiting a tech team

Recruiting the right group of people is one of the most important parts of building a top software delivery team. In this article, we take a look at some things you should consider whilst recruiting, and a few things that you should try to avoid.

Learning From Mistakes

As software engineers, we’re faced with new problems and challenges every day. No matter how well we know a programming language, how many projects we’ve worked on throughout our careers or how much time we’ve spent creating repeatable solutions to common problems, there will always be something new that requires critical thought.

Code reviews using the pull request workflow

As developers we always appreciate a second pair of eyes and an extra brain. The eyes are really helpful for catching that extra whitespace you might have missed. The additional brain power might help you solve a problem in your code with 5 fewer lines. All of this results in better code and more collaboration.