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Mobile enable your email newsletters

It’s no secret that over the past couple of years there’s been a very obvious upward trend in the use of mobile devices to visit websites. Only this week Google suggested that by December 2014, 50% of web searches will be conducted on mobile.

Getting To Grips With Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are monochromatic images which are incredibly useful, scalable and easy to implement. In this post I’m going to talk about why we began using them, why you should use them, and how to do so.

Metaprogramming in Ruby

When you find yourself duplicating functionality that is similar to existing functionality in your system, it may be an indication that the process could be generalised to accommodate more scenarios. This has the benefit that this ‘role’ would be encapsulated and the source code would exist in only one place, becoming less of a maintenance burden.

Introducing our all new brand identity and positioning

Today is an exciting day for us. After months of hard work, we are launching our new brand positioning, identity system and responsive website.

Mob Programming

At Made, we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our code, and anything that can help us do that while also encouraging us to solve problems as a team is something we want to spend time trying out.

UNIX at Made

Everyone in the Made office seems to prefer Unix based systems. Why is that? Sure everyone likes Apple products, they are considered stable, relatively speaking, but I don’t think that everybody appreciates where most of that stability comes from.

SEO and design updates launched for VGL

As part of our ongoing relationship with VGL, the team behind Surface View, we recently rolled out an update that features refreshed designs for key areas of their site, responsive email templates, and a host of SEO-friendly enhancements.

Tell, don’t ask. It’s a matter of principle.

When we design software with maintainability in mind, one obvious goal is to keep the unnecessary lines of code to a bare minimum. The less you need to see/read that is not vital to your understanding of the domain model, the better.

New product listing pages and SEO improvements for Surface View

Following the successful launch of a new Surface View homepage earlier in the year, we’ve started to rollout the updated look and feel to other areas of the site, including new product listings pages, SEO landing pages and MySV overlays.

Time to Schema up

At Made we are always on the lookout for technologies and practices that enable us to deliver better code. Practices that can speed up page loads, help us write better tests, or in this case, offer up SEO improvements.