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What we've discovered and learned whilst practicing the methodologies outlined by the XP movement. Featuring articles from the team at Made Tech and guest posts by selected experts.

Architecting Software for Extremely Fast Feedback-Loops part 2

So you’ve read part one. You see the point of building Extremely Fast Feedback Loops and you want to understand what it costs to have such a test suite. Let’s explore some problems…

Architecting Software for Extremely Fast Feedback-Loops part 1

When we deliver software, we need to ensure it meets the needs of end-users. The slowest feedback-loop is a “big-bang” release – this is essentially shipping all the features at once after developing for weeks, months or even years. We know this to lead to failure far more often than not… Yet, many teams release software this way, and no we don’t recommend it.

Pair programming remotely: tools and tips that make it better

Pairing is a great way to boost productivity and help crack a particularly complex problem.

Game, skill set, match – How to develop your team using LearnTech

2017 was a big year for us with a number of successful projects under our belt including writing our second book Building High Performance Agile Teams, adding more great people to our team and launching our new Made Tech Academy initiative.

Creating Environments That Promote Communication

In any organisation, one of the most powerful ways you can empower your team is to give them an environment that allows them to communicate freely at all levels. At Made Tech we actively encourage every member of the team to initiate or join any discussion that interests them, whether it be giving their opinion on how a part of the business runs, or introducing a new way of approaching how we work.

Giving teams freedom to structure their own time

It can be scary to devolve a lot of managerial and planning responsibility to teams but we’ve found lots of positives in changing the way we approach time management. Allowing teams the ability to plan their workloads, holidays, working location and client engagement has resulted in a greater sense of ownership on projects.

Cohesion, coupling and viscosity

One of the most important goals of a software engineer is to craft highly cohesive code. Cohesion refers to the grouping of code in a software system.

Code reviews using the pull request workflow

As developers we always appreciate a second pair of eyes and an extra brain. The eyes are really helpful for catching that extra whitespace you might have missed. The additional brain power might help you solve a problem in your code with 5 fewer lines. All of this results in better code and more collaboration.

The benefits of a pull request workflow

Note: Article edited on the 4/12/2018

Let your teams plan for themselves

As an industry of tinkerers, optimisers and perfectionists we occasionally miss the beauty of unorganisation and human instinct. Our obsession to be more efficient and productive can sometimes have some undesired consequences. At Made we often adapt our processes in the name of efficiency but lately we’ve started experimenting by taking away some of these processes with surprising results.