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The latest techniques being used to deliver bespoke software solutions. Focusing on software design, architecture and processes to deliver robust and maintainable code.Featuring articles from the team at Made Tech and guest posts by selected experts.

Analysis Paralysis – Stop slowing down your enterprise!

So you are trying to build a fast moving digital organisation, one that responds to market opportunities, is decisive and can get things delivered. One of the challenges you may encounter is a thing we call Analysis Paralysis.

The importance of software support and maintenance for all organisations

It’s rare to encounter an organisation where software isn’t an important aspect of their day-to-day operation. Whether it’s a small business with a simple website, an international retailer with an e-commerce store and a Warehouse Management System, or a charity organisation collecting, storing and reporting environmental data, at some point, each of those organisations will need to engage on some level with a piece of software in order to ensure its smooth operation.

9 Techniques to Support and Improve Software Quality

Most software systems will suffer from a deterioration of quality over time. Codebases become bloated, software is changed to solve problems nobody knew existed when it was initially written, and the cost of change keeps increasing.

Should I Build or Buy Software?

Often customers, or potential customers, will come to us with a pre-supposed view that they need to build a piece of software to solve their business need. We believe this is true only in a handful of cases.

IaaS vs. PaaS: what we’ve learned

We’ve been long-time proponents of PaaS, or Platform as a Service. We’ve also been long-time consumers of IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service.

How we communicate our ideas, or “English should still be our first language”

Our industry is all about the communication of ideas. It’s not just about being able to communicate our ideas to a machine – a big part of our job involves the ability to communicate ideas to both technical and non-technical people, as well as translating and solidifying ideas into usable products.

Brevity vs. Comprehensibility

We love using SCSS here at Made, and the way in which we use it is constantly evolving. However, one particular and admittedly quite clever feature of SCSS has bugged me from day one, which is referencing a parent selector inside the current one:

Made Named as UK Market Leaders in Ruby on Rails Development

We’re very excited and proud to announce that we have been named as a leading provider in’s list of Top Ruby on Rails Development Firms, and that we’re the only company in the UK to have been given that accolade!

Spree Custom Gateway

Spree makes it easy to take payments from any Payment Service Provider, and in this post I will briefly walk you through the process of creating and using your own custom gateway.

SirTrevorJS: King of the WYSIWYGs

A lot of our projects include some sort of manageable content, whether it be landing pages, blog postings or news articles, so it’s important for us to be able to provide our clients with an interface that allows them to easily create content that looks great.