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Ryvita Shop Launches

We’re excited to have launched the all new Ryvita Shop earlier this week.

Building on top of the Spree open source eCommerce platform, we’ve delivered a bespoke online shop for a range of Ryvita-related products.

The Spree platform provides full management of all aspects of the shop, including products, stock levels, delivery rates, tax rates and promotion codes. The delivery saw the integration of the SecureTrading payment gateway, which is seamlessly loaded in checkout process, Transworld Logistics to whom orders are automatically sent for fulfilment, and with PostcodeAnywhere for address lookups as part of the checkout process.

The shop is the first part of the Ryvita website to get the mobile treatment, with the full end-to-end customer purchase journey being developed using a mobile responsive layout.

Several of the services that were built as part of the Jordans website launch earlier this year have been reused, including the content management of promotional areas, commenting/review functionality and the ability to sign up for email newsletters anywhere an email address is captured.

Following the launch we’re working on further integration with the fulfilment partner to provide delivery confirmation emails.

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