Busting Agile Myths: Story Points

Avatar for Nick Wood

Of all the tools in the Agile developer’s toolbox, the most often misunderstood is the Story Point. Some people will tell you a story point is a measure of time, others will emphatically argue that a Story Point measures complexity, difficulty or effort (anything except time!). I’ll tackle that particular can of worms in a future post, first I want to outline what Story Points are, and why they are useful.

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Design Patterns: Observer

Avatar for Scott Mason

To be meaningfully involved in the architecture of any web application your team is building, a basic grasp of what design patterns are, and knowledge of the patterns most commonly used, are good tools to have. There’s a shorthand that develops naturally when you’ve understood the concepts within that are otherwise impossible to blag.

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Spree vs Magento

Avatar for Fareed Dudhia

There has been so much written about how Spree stacks up against Magento over the last few years that it’d be easy dismiss another article out of hand.

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Data Structures at the heart of your system

Avatar for Emile Swarts

You should always prefer to create complex data structures over complex program logic. In fact, making complex data structures that are intelligent will eliminate the need for complex program logic. This will lead to a more robust system that’s easier to reason about and has less code to maintain.

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