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New product listing pages and SEO improvements for Surface View

Following the successful launch of a new Surface View homepage earlier in the year, we’ve started to rollout the updated look and feel to other areas of the site, including new product listings pages, SEO landing pages and MySV overlays.

The updated site has had a search optimisation refresh, with the introduction of across the board and the development of a CMS tool, which enables SurfaceView to create optimised landing pages, which target particular keywords.

As part of this deployment, we have re-developed a number of back-office tools, which will help to minimise the administrative tasks required whilst managing the 60,000+ products.

This sprint marks the start of a move towards a ‘Service Oriented Approach’ (SOA) for the retailer, with many areas of the existing codebase planned for re-factor as we transition across to this approach later in the year.

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Rory MacDonald

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