New On Running homepage launches

Last week we launched a homepage refresh for On Running, featuring an all-new design and new content management ability.

The promotional areas across the homepage are now fully content managed, providing marketing teams at On significant agility in their ability to respond to events, such as their recent triumph at the Ironman World Championships.

The content that is published to any of the 37 market homepages can be set by checking a box in the CMS. The CMS also provides the ability to translate content in to the 7 languages that the site is available in.

Cache sweepers have been used to ensure the dynamic homepage content is served from fast memcached servers, making use of cache sweeping in the CMS to invalidate the caches as content becomes stale.

We’ve had a great reception for the homepage so far. We’re looking forward to measuring the commercial success of the changes over the coming weeks.

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Chris Blackburn

Director and Partner at Made Tech. Borderline compulsion for automating, measuring and testing everything.

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