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Jordans Website Launch

We’re excited to have launched the new Jordans Cereals website.

We undertook the information architecture, interface design and development of the mobile-responsive website that provides a platform that can be shared across the Jordans and Ryvita Company portfolio of brands.

The delivery heralds a move to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with loose coupling between the different components of the site (Products, News, Competitions etc.), allowing a more evolutionary approach to changes in future and providing the platform for component sharing across multiple brand sites.

The site was designed from the ground-up with mobile and touch-screen tablet devices on an equal footing to the desktop experience. The calls-to-action have been scaled with oversize hit areas, the majority of graphics are either vector or font-based to allow them to appear sharp on high pixel-density screens such as iPad, and content has been prioritised appropriately for the different use-cases of browsing on desktop and mobile devices.

The build has incorporated some significant best-practice techniques in the delivery of modern web applications:

  • A significant automated functional test suite that includes close to 1000 individual test steps.
  • Automated security scanning of every build.
  • Automated deployment and rollback using the Capistrano application.
  • Automated code quality checking using the Cane tool.
  • Deep-level application monitoring and error reporting using the New Relic platform.
  • Almost exclusive use of vector-based graphics for super-sharp display on high pixel-density devices.
  • Integration of the microformat to help search engines better understand the content on the website.
  • Significant in-memory caching to completely remove database reads from the website frontend, coupled with cache sweeping in the CMS to ensure caches are invalidated as content becomes stale.

We’re looking forward to releasing further content areas to the site over the coming months.

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