Enhancing Customer Experience With Email Schemas

Delivering a great end to end customer experience doesn’t just stop when your customers complete their checkout process. Every communication you have with them thereafter matters. Anything that can be done to make their continued interactions with your brand better is something worth implementing.

jQuery Navobile

Last year we built and open sourced Navobile, a lightweight jQuery plugin to easily add an off-screen menu to your website. Since then it has been implemented countless times by ourselves and the wider community.

Why a Single Source of Truth Matters

With many of our clients, we see issues of data fragmentation: data that is duplicated in many places, often updated on a casual basis, and with little clarity as to which copy of the data is the most current. This data could be anything from product stock levels, through to customer contact information or retail sales figures.

The Made Code Dojo

Following on from our adoption of the mob programming technique, we’ve been keeping our skills sharp by gathering the entire team in the Made Code Dojo (aka the meeting room) every fortnight and doing some kung fu.

ActiveRecord associations and the valid? flag when building

I was debugging a mysterious bug using RSpec and it took a while to figure out what exactly was going on. I thought that I would document my findings here, as I could not find much information on the subject and ended up digging into the ActiveRecord source code.

ActiveRecord Refactoring: Concerns

ActiveRecord provides a lot of power – if not too much. To that power we add our own business logic to create rather large domain models. Here at Made I’ve started looking at various ways to tone down the responsibilities of my ActiveRecord models using various programming patterns.