Our Favourite Retrospective Ideas

Ah, the sprint retrospective. When I first joined Made and found out about retrospectives (I’d never had one before), I couldn’t conceive of the idea that there would be any value in such a thing! So you’re telling me, I said, that we get together and do group exercises? Not about the work that we’re about to do, but work we’ve already done? I assumed that it must be a whine-fest about tasks we found tricky, or rationalising out loud about why something took so long to do. I was wrong.

Lessons from the Trenches

I’ve worked with organisations at various stages of their Agile transition, during which I’ve seen Agile implemented well, but I’ve also seen it done terribly. In a break from my usual tradition of myth-busting, I wanted to share some hard won lessons from my years as a Scrum Master, and give you some tips to help your Agile transformation succeed where many fail.

Busting Agile Myths: Story Points

Of all the tools in the Agile developer’s toolbox, the most often misunderstood is the Story Point. Some people will tell you a story point is a measure of time, others will emphatically argue that a Story Point measures complexity, difficulty or effort (anything except time!). I’ll tackle that particular can of worms in a future post, first I want to outline what Story Points are, and why they are useful.