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Byron Responsive M-Site Launched

Last week we launched a new version of the Byron website that incorporates a responsive layout, and a completely overhauled locations page that lets visitors easily find their nearest restaurants.

The new locations page is designed to support Byron’s ever growing number of restaurants and their expansion outside of London. It takes full advantage of the Google Maps JavaScript API, giving users the ability to search for the three nearest restaurants based on either an address they’ve typed into the search field for or their GPS-determined physical location. Mobile users then have the option to then get directions to a chosen restaurant in their maps app.

Mobile users also benefit from the new responsive layout, which presents page content in a manner appropriate to the device being used to view it and includes crisp, vector-based images for retina displays.

Additionally, and in the wake of #BurgerGate, we’ve taken steps to handle sudden increases in the volume of traffic to the site by moving the site to a new cloud-based hosting environment and utilising a content distribution network.

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