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A tale in adopting Alpine Linux for Docker – problems we faced with RSpec testing

If you read Wikipedia you will find that Alpine is a Linux distribution that is based on musl (more on this later) and BusyBox.

What’s green on the outside but red on the inside? Hopefully not your project.

The skin of a watermelon presents a paradox or simultaneous reality of its core; both perfectly ripe and disappointingly mushy, but you won’t know which until it’s cut open. So you just leave it be; looking green and fine until it’s too late and… disintegrates.

3 Ways to Improve Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Experience

We’ve worked with a number of organisations who make use of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV suite as their Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP). As is common with similar off the shelf tools such as SAP and FinancialForce for Salesforce, it can be hard to provide a productive and enjoyable user experience, often requiring a number of unituitive steps on several screens to perform basic tasks such as logging a sick day.

Made Tech Awarded 3 Government Publishing Tenders

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to deliver three projects on the GOV.UK platform. Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely with the GDS teams to deliver:

What Does a Modern Retail Technology Platform Look Like?

Far from technology star gazing, we explore what a modern retail technology platform could look like. Established retailers are typically encumbered by a number of legacy technology choices that are deeply embedded in their business – from a creaking SAP rollout, to proprietary Warehouse Management Systems that are resistant to integration.

How we accidentally became cloud migrators

When coming up with an explanation of our cloud migration heritage for my talk at Red Hat Forum the phrase “accidental cloud migrators” came to mind. You see we didn’t set out to help organisations move workloads to the cloud but nevertheless we’ve found ourselves helping organisations modernise and migrate. On reflection, I think accidental cloud migrations are the best kind of migration, let me explain why.

The Agile Path to the Cloud

Cloud is good for us. So too are practices like DevOps and Continuous Delivery. It’s easy on the surface to read a few articles and think, “yeah, that’s a good idea,” but putting them into practice on the other hand isn’t so easy.

No Uncle of Mine

In August, one topic sparked a lot of debate on the internet in general, and in the Tech industry in particular: the so-called “Manifesto”, written by James Damore, then engineer at Google. While this blog post won’t be about the manifesto, some events that occurred after it came out prompted me to write this. But before looking into it, let’s go over some of what has been said and written since then.

Where to start with cloud migration?

Your organisation has decided it’s ready to move to the cloud. Where do you start?

Red Hat Forum London: Agile Cloud Migration with Ansible

We’re excited to announce that our very own Luke Morton is going to be giving a talk at this year’s Red Hat Forum London, on October 3rd.

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Made Tech is a high-growth provider of Digital, Data and Technology services for the UK Public Sector
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